DISCLAIMER: Everything I write on this blog is “based on a true story.” Some things happened just like that, some things happened sort of like that, and some things would happen like that, but never really did. I embellish events for comic relief. I turn real individuals into characters. Don’t take this too seriously.

This is about my 20s as an Anthropology PhD student. I spend summers working on archaeology digs in remote villages of Eurasia and the rest of the year frolicking blithely in Boston, MA.

The blog title, “It’s Always Something,” is one of my father’s favorite sayings. It refers to life’s capacity for infinite setbacks. You drop your phone in the toilet. You get bed bugs. You inadvertently provoke a social media feud with John Stamos.  It’s always something, and my blog posts are about those somethings.

It is my calling to produce an amusing, insignificant memoir that people will read in the bathroom.  I realize that this will get me fired, not hired, and out of favor with those involved.  But with one’s destiny cometh suffering!  I learned that from Frodo and Jesus.

Hope you enjoy and follow me @bannelia while you’re at it.




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  1. Hi, can I just say that your thought catalog post about the 6 types of female relationships are incredibly accurate? Also I loved your plantain blog post. You’ve made a fan out of me!

    All the way from Singapore,

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